Did you know…that the Sabal Palm root system is unlike other root systems?  When the roots of a sabal palm are cut they become non-functional and have to generate new roots from the center of the ball.

Our root enhanced/regenerated sabals are initially dug in the field and hurricane cut.  The palms are then re-planted in a nursery environment, and are started on a consistent irrigation, and fertilization program.

The tree then re-grows new roots and the head flushes back out. The process takes about 6 months for the tree to become hardened-off or cured and about 9 months to a year to have a full head again.  The trees can be tagged at our nursery unlike when they are dug in the field.  The customer literally has thousands to choose from.

When our sabal palm is sold as a root enhanced/regenerated sabal, the palm is re-dug without disturbing the ball of the tree and the roots are visible through the stretch wrap.  This rootball is now one big solid mass.  This process is similar to a root bound potted plant.  With plenty of water, the transplanting process is virtually fool proof.  The customer now has immediate gratification and the landscaper has eliminated the replacement problem.

Sabal palms need an extremely large amount of water for the first few months after the palm is dug. Sabals with fronds left on the tree in the field have a greater chance of the fronds turning brown.  The fronds will eventually have to be removed, typically to the bud.  It is extremely stressful for the tree to regenerate new roots from the center of the ball while trying to maintain enough moisture to keep the fronds green.

Hurricane cut sabals have been the normal process for our industry since the late 70’s, early 80’s.  We realized that the survivability of the sabal palm increased drastically by hardening off the palm.  The landscaper has accepted the hurricane cut process but continues to ask and want a sabal palm with a full head left on for immediate gratification.  We can now offer landscapers a sabal palm that can be transplanted from a nursery environment and have a superior root enhanced system and a newly developed canopy that will insure a greater survivability and give immediate gratification.